Struktäll has a progressive vision of residential and commercial construction. Its proven system that can be adapted to all types of wood, steel or aluminum structures allows a house to be built directly on site, while respecting greatly improved construction deadlines. The Struktäll system meets the criteria of the Novoclimat and LEED programs if desired. It generates no waste of materials or waste on construction sites: the fasteners and assembly parts are designed using 3D modelling software and pre-machined by our suppliers.

As they are structured on independent arches, Struktäll houses allow better bearing capacity of the roof or upper floors and generous fenestration if necessary. Our standardized models can evolve according to the needs of their owner, to become unique pieces of architectural design. The system adapts well to uneven terrain, which promotes the harmonious integration of the structure with the environment.

Designed to be self-built, Stuktäll Homes make house building extremely simple, eliminating inaccuracies and last-minute adjustments on job sites. The joists and posts that form the frame are stapled together, without nails, and are then simply connected together and finally, harmonized by the solid or fenestrated wall panels.

Struktäll industrializes home building. The construction industry was in dire need of it. This way of building houses is less traditional, faster, more affordable, while retaining a touch of elegance and aesthetics.

Struktäll innovates to improve the quality of life of the people who live there!

By supporting the load on the facade walls, the Struktäll system ensures the closure of the building enclosure without limiting its stability. Thus, the loads are transferred to the main foundation by connections to the floors or external columns of the building. The panels are therefore supported on a fixed arch-shaped skeleton.

Our mission

Struktäll’s mission is to become the leading designer of high-performance, ultra-fast-erecting homes to be distributed through a network of independent dealers in Canada and around the world. We are committed to always making innovation a priority, while creating beautiful, pleasant and economical living environments. We view residential construction from a creative perspective, emphasizing quality design and meeting market needs in a flexible manner.