Our mission is to be the architect of your own lifestyle. We are committed to always make innovation a priority, by creating beautiful, liveable and economical homes, while being mindful of environmental factors to offer eco-responsible nest. Beyond building homes, our main goal is to offer our clients the opportunity to acquire an architect-inspired home at an affordable price.


Our beautiful story began with a relationship of respect and friendship between the creators of Struktäll, Daniel Delisle and Claude Fugère. Having noticed major issues faced by couples and families who want to build a new home, they decided to look at the issue seriously in order to resolve the main obstacles, while making sure not to skimp on quality and design. Claude, an established architect, showed openness and an extraordinary creative sense to develop Struktäll. The demands were high: speed of assembly on the construction site, arched frames, no prefab building plant, no load-bearing walls inside, favorable prices for the customer and minimal profit margins for the manufacturer. A list of requests with which Daniel and Steve had challenged Claude to bring out the best possible product offer. They have succeeded and are very proud of it.

“We have made our mission to try to make our contribution to the new construction market in Quebec, by seeking to reinvent and develop housing concepts, always with a desire to promote access to ownership for first-time buyers, while maintaining a more sophisticated and upscale approach for more mature buyers.”

We want this beautiful story of friendship to continue with our clients to allow them to have a more rewarding and more human experience from the start to the end of their project.


Daniel Delisle

Founder of Struktäll | Chief of design

Founder of Struktäll, a division of the Industria Group, Daniel is a strategic advisor and entrepreneur who has been in business for over 25 years. Lover of fashion, design and architecture, Daniel returned to this passion by creating Struktäll. Its avowed goal is to develop residential construction by focusing on the Mid-Century design, so appreciated by connoisseurs. His objective is to provide to as many people as possible, access to quality home ownership at an affordable cost.

Steve Mercier

Co-founder of Struktäll | Chief Operating Officer

President of the Struktäll Canada Agency and general contractor for nearly 20 years, Steve knows all the aspects and rules of the business. He has been involved in a variety of residential and commercial construction projects. He has acquired an expertise over the years that puts him in a class of his own. His energy, good humor and ability to find solutions promote healthy collaboration between all the stakeholders in a project. His attention to details and ability to understand customer needs have greatly contributed to his success.

Claude Fugère

Ideator of the Struktäll architectural concept | Architect

Designer of our architectural offer and founder of Fugère architecture, Claude participated with us in the development of the Struktäll system. Claude strongly believes that architecture guided by intelligent design can reduce the ecological impact of buildings. His agency, established in the cities of Quebec and Montreal, offers professional services in architecture, design and urban development. Working on projects of different kinds, he is concerned with environmental issues and advocates a sustainable development approach.

Our partners have worked on several projects including

CPE Ste-Justine + Marché Public de Sainte-Foy + Lab-École Shefford + Lab-École Rimouski + FA_MTL + Opéra MD + Maison LH + Sodicor 2 + RB Tek + Tandem Condo sur Cour + Estampro + Résidence M + Frima Studio + Îlot Saint-Vincent + MNBAQ + Béton Provincial + Atik + Smart-Lofts + Le Hâvre du Passeur + Bureau FA/EPA + Flower Ocean / Huayan Township + Le 900 + CPE Le Petit Baluchon + Maison du Lac-du-huit + and more.


The cornerstones of our corporate culture, these five values guide our decisions and guide each of our actions.

Putting people on the forefront

It is the human factor that is the basis of our DNA. We find satisfaction in being attentive to the needs of our customers since we know that buying a home is probably one of the biggest decisions of their life. We put all our efforts to offer a positive experience and an architectural result that will arouse comfort and admiration.

Demonstrating integrity and authenticity

At Struktäll, we are transparent, authentic and we are showing integrity. We want our interactions with customers to be honest and sincere. Like them, we don’t like unpleasant surprises, so we make it our duty to remain faithful to our commitments throughout the working process in order to promote the healthiest of experiences for each of our collaborations.

Showing creativity

We are not afraid to be open and creative in breaking down barriers in a traditionally rigid environment. It took a vision to create Struktäll and it will take determination to stay ahead of the residential housing market. Our desire to innovate is constantly renewed, promising great novelties for our future projects.

Pursuing excellence

At Struktäll, we strive for excellence in everything we do because we are committed to creating exceptional projects. We want to offer our customers the best. To do this, we do everything we can to transform a client’s expectations into a remarkable project of which they will be very proud.

Being timeless

The modernity of our houses, with a forward-looking style, can prove to be a vector of change for our society and the residential housing world. Characterized by flat plans, large glass windows and open spaces, our homes exhibit simplicity and integration with nature, encouraging its residents to explore the world with a new, outward outlook. Struktäll has a style, a signature, which is and will always be timeless.