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The LEPUS model offers its owners great versatility with a variety of possible configurations. Originally offered with two bedrooms, this model is designed to accommodate a full basement. In addition, with the windows oriented mainly on one side of the house, you will be able to enjoy both great light and the best view of your surroundings. Make this model your own project and find out how it can adapt to your needs with the wise advice of our professionals. Struktäll is the architect of your living environment.

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Technical details

Number of bedrooms

2 bedrooms

Number of bathrooms

1 bathroom


121 m² / 1300 ft²

Ceiling height

2,7 m / 9 ft


11 m / 36 ft


11 m / 36 ft


Available from 148 750$

In order to give you more flexibility, Struktäll offers several pricing options. The structure and its installation go hand in hand, in order to guarantee the quality of your home. So this is our starting price for each model. Then, to help you with the financial planning of your project, we provide you with estimated costs for each of the other construction stages, as displayed below. You are therefore able to control the cost of your construction, depending on your level of involvement and the level of customization desired.

In addition, Struktäll offers you the opportunity to complete your entire project with the search for land and a favorable mortgage rate. Thus, you will be able to live a complete experience with our dedicated professionals, in order to make your life easier.

Structure and installation

148 750 $

Order your Struktäll house and we will deliver it to you for assembly by our experts on your land.


27 300 $

Call on our foundation casting team. The price may vary depending on the surface and the type of foundation chosen.


5 544 $

Estimated cost for an 18 linear feet kitchen including a counter and cabinets. The price may vary depending on the materials and the choice of doors and drawers.


10 080 $

Estimated cost for finishing an 84 sq. Ft. Bathroom, including a bath or shower. The price may vary depending on the choice of materials and cabinets.


13 000 $

Estimated cost for installing a ground cover. The price may vary depending on the choice of coating.

Plumbing and electricity

26 000 $

Estimated cost for the installation of the plumbing and electricity of the house.

Exterior siding

8 500 $

Estimated cost for installing the exterior siding. The price may vary depending on the choice of coating.

Estimated total cost, before taxes

239 174 $

The prices listed are indicative only. They may be subject to change depending on the specific characteristics of your project. Please contact a member of our team for more information.

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