1. Delivery

Struktäll homes are designed to be simple to build at all stages of the construction process. All the parts needed for assembly are therefore designed to fit inside containers which are then delivered directly to the construction site.

2. Manufacturing

Initially designed for self-construction, this system dramatically simplifies its assembly on the job site, in addition to eliminating inaccuracies and unforeseen adjustments. The joists and wooden posts that form the frame fit together with stapling, without nails. 3D modeling design and factory preparation reduce the possibility of errors. Even the perforations for the piping and wiring of the exterior walls can be made at the factory. On construction sites, there is no DIY or cutting that can waste time and money.

3. Customization

As they have no load-bearing walls, Struktäll houses allow generous windows and can evolve according to the needs of their owner. For example, it’s a snap to add a window or reconfigure rooms. The system adapts well to uneven terrain, which promotes the harmonious integration of the structure with the environment.

The Struktäll solution


The Struktäll system radically transforms residential and commercial construction. Its arched frame system allows houses to be built directly on the land faster than in traditional ways. Deadlines are easier to meet than with traditional construction methods. Struktäll industrializes home construction. The construction industry is lagging far behind. Until now, the construction methods have been rather artisanal, with all the risks of errors that this can entail. This method, inspired mainly by Scandinavian manufacturing production, promotes better quality control while minimizing errors.


Struktäll is not a general contractor but has at its disposal companies which are accredited to carry out the construction of your project with the guarantee of new houses.

The architectural firm that designs and supplies the Struktäll solution also provides an accurate quote to complete the project. For a turnkey project, the price is generally between $ 115 and $ 275 per square foot of floor space. The nature of the foundations, the technical heating / cooling systems used, the joinery, and surface finishing products define the difference between the lowest and the highest cost.

You can choose to self-build, which typically costs between $ 115 and $ 130 per square foot of floor space. (subject to construction and finish details)

A Struktäll house will cost between $ 61,250 and $ 211,250 for a self-build and between $ 105,706 and $ 308,594 for a fully finished, delivered and built version.


Struktäll was created to meet the increasingly high environmental demands in the housing market. Its concept is intended to improve the energy efficiency of new buildings in the residential sector and is intended to be an influencing factor in the residential construction industry so that it improves its construction techniques. Its concept also contributes to achieving the energy saving objectives set under Quebec’s Energy Strategy – “Energy to build the Quebec of tomorrow”. Struktäll also drew on similar voluntary programs in operation in the United States and elsewhere in Canada, including the federal ENERGY STAR® and R-2000 programs for new homes, which evolve with technological advances.


  • Turnkey solution
  • Preparation of the financial file
  • Assistance by architects
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customizability
  • Construction speed
  • Modifications and possible transformation over the years
  • Novoclimat, LEED, Energy Star, R-2000 and Nette Zero accredited, if required
  • Easy to build, ideal for self-builders
  • Clean and organized construction site
  • Less debris at the construction site
  • Can easily be built in less than 4 months
  • Comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient home
  • Design and format with multiple possibilities
  • Concessions available for general contractors, real estate agents and developers